2014 – Link love: Friends, Sponsors & Similar Events

Our sponsors

We’re extremely happy about the support our sponsors are giving us. Without it, our registration fees could never have been kept so low.

Please have a look at who they are and what they do:

The Agile Alliance Logo

The Agile Alliance

Want to sponsor AgileCrete?

Please contact agilecrete (at) gmail (dot) com.

AgileCrete sends greetings to some friends:

  • Currently looking for a location, please help: as its name says, “Agile Coach Camp goes Beach” is targeting a slightly narrower audience. Christian Dähn and Sebastian Schürmann are looking for location scouts!
  • JCRETE 2014  is the fourth Java Specialists Symposium to take place from 25-29 August 2014, in a venue close to ours. How about starting there and continuing the fun, seemlessly?