2014 – The AgileCrete Org Team

In alphabetical order:

Hans Baggesen / Χανς Μπάγκεσεν 😉

Hans BaggesenAgile coach and navigator and traveler in complex organizations –
presently working with agile wow in the biggest bank in Scandinavia.

Rolf F. Katzenberger / Ρολφ Φ. Κάτσενμπεργκερ 😉

Rolf F. KatzenbergerRolf works as a coach for agile and pragmatic teams, leaders and companies.
He lives in Nuremberg, Germany.
Contact him at rolf dot katzenberger at gmx dot net.

Yannis Mavraganis / Γιάννης Μαυραγάνης

Yannis MavraganisYiannis is a software engineer, passionate with agile and lean methodologies.
He works as SCRUM master, helping teams to improve their agility index. Currently, he is leading, as co-founder, a tech startup.
More info and contact details at about.me/ymavraganis

Giorgos Saslis / Γιώργος Σασλής

Giorgos SaslisGiorgos is a programmer at heart, who escaped becoming a project manager by discovering Agile.
He lives in Heraklion, Crete.
Contact him at g dot saslis at gmail dot com.

The preferred way of communicating with the org team

…is simply to use the #AgileCrete Slack Channel. Share your ideas, questions and feedback with other people in the community! As the org team, we’ve got nothing to hide.

When you must (!) send a private mail to the org team, use agilecrete (at) gmail (dot) com. We really prefer the Slack Channel though – and we’ll reply faster.