2014 – Who should come to AgileCrete?

The Call

  • AgileCrete is an open space to explore the Agile mindset, in an environment that defies the separation of “work” and “holidays”.
  • Interest, passion, curiosity and caring deeply about the Agile mindset are what qualifies you to participate. Whether you’re a practitioner, a beginner, an experienced coach or a curious explorer from a completely different area of work – you’re welcome!
  • We’re determined to make this an event that is friendly to your significant others and families as well, so you can enjoy the best of Crete with the ones you love.

What are your questions you want to explore at AgileCrete?

  • How can I instill an Agile mindset?
  • How can we be agile leaders, not just “bosses”?
  • How can we facilitate cross pollination between software development and other fields?
  • How could we benefit from Improv, Agile Games and Gamification of Agile?
  • What will the future of Agile be like?
  • How do the toolboxes of my peers look like: agile ideas, practices & craftsmanship?
  • Has somebody done this before? E.g., start becoming agile under harsh crisis conditions (economical, political, conflicts)
  • Can somebody please share tricky challenges and solution options, e.g. for customer collaboration?
  • How can we teach and learn concepts? Can I test my agility overviews, intros, workshops on  a bunch of interested people, please?

So: what are your questions you’ll be bringing?