2015 – Friends and their events

We do support our friends! Have a look at their ideas, teams and events:

Agile Greece Summit 2015

Agile Greece SummitUsing the traditional conference format, Agile Greece Summit offers a great lineup of speakers. Here’s in their own words what you can expect on September 18th, in Athens:

“Agile Greece Summit 2015 is an international event that gathers, from its first year, world class agile experts. It aims to be one of the top annual agile events and to increase agile adoption momentum in Greece. It is designed for executives, team leaders, managers, consultants and agile practitioners, who want to create high performing teams and organizations by applying agile principles and practices”.

TEDx Anogeia

TEDx AnogeiaThe team is starting with a bold statement, very appropriate for what we all come to expect from a TEDx event: “The experiment between a multinational force of extroversion, innovation and brainstorming, and a strong domestic core of culture, art, and live historic collective memory just started. The opposing forces explode into ideas worth spreading, through our own character and openness.”

Suggest speakers and presentations to the team!

TEDx Heraklion

TEDx HeraklionWell, sadly you’ve already missed TEDx Heraklion 2015, which took place end of February! Keep an eye on them, their next event will be as great as this year’s:

“Walls exist to separate us. When they fall, though, they exist to connect us too. Walls become bridges and seek to be explored, to be overcome. Geographic walls, but also personal, prejudices, walls of stone, or ideological.

Something new and wonderful is coming, outside of them. Something innovative, ‘ours’ is seeking a way to exit, and disseminate everywhere. With the venetian walls as our trademark, we make a step further.

TEDx Heraklion goes this year ‘Beyond the Walls’. There, where the unknown lies: New destinations, new ideas, new realities, await for us to discover them.”

Heinz’ event

Heinz is a very special and very supportive guy who runs an event for developers on Crete, every summer. His event is so popular that he asked us not to link to it. Tickets are available via invitation only, anyway.

Well, that doesn’t prevent us from saying a big Thank You! to him for his generous support. Heinz, you know who you are.