2015 – The AgileCrete Org Team

In alphabetical order:

Christian Dähn / Κρίστιαν Ντέν 😉

christian.daehn-cropped63x84Chris is agile enthusiast and sparks change whenever he sees an option for improvement. As a lover of Open Space Technologie, he is really looking forward to see it happen on Crete.
Twitter: @da_chrisch

Rolf F. Katzenberger / Ρολφ Φ. Κάτσενμπεργκερ 😉

Rolf F. KatzenbergerRolf works as a coach for agile and pragmatic teams. Besides Agile, he specializes on Solution Focus, Accelerated Learning and The Art of Hosting.
He lives in Nuremberg, Germany.
Contact him at rolf dot katzenberger at gmx dot net. Twitter: @PragmTeams

Ignasi Marimon-Clos i Sunyol / Ιγκνάσι Μαριμόν-Κλός ι Σουνγόλ 😉

IgnasiIgnasi is a Software developer passionate about the technical aspects of the agile movement. He’s always looking for ways to be more productive generating better products with less effort. Ignasi is a romantic on a constant kaizen therefore he usually says he’s “under construction”.

He’s a regular participant at Agile Barcelona Community and a very active participant in every Open Space he lands on.

Giorgos Saslis / Γιώργος Σασλής

Giorgos SaslisGiorgos is a programmer at heart, who escaped becoming a project manager by discovering Agile.
He lives in Heraklion, Crete.
Contact him at g dot saslis at gmail dot com.

The preferred way of communicating with the org team

…is simply to use the #AgileCrete Slack Channel. Share your ideas, questions and feedback with other people in the community! As the org team, we’ve got nothing to hide.

When you must (!) send a private mail to the org team, use agilecrete (at) gmail (dot) com. We really prefer the Slack Channel though – and we’ll reply faster ; )