Accommodation 2018

Heraklion offers plenty of nice hotels, BnB, and many more rooms. If you choose an accommodation in or close to the city center, you’ll have no trouble in getting to the venue in short time.

Our venue this year is also a hotel. Please feel free to book your own room there, from the hotel website.

By the way: #AgileCrete participants traditionally share cars, enjoy giving others a ride to the venue and are a lovely bunch of helpful individuals. So don’t worry how you’ll get there – just contact us and we’ll tell you all about how to attend and best enjoy #AgileCrete!


Heraklion offers a rich choice of accommodation alternatives, both in the old town and in the proximity of the city. Prices can vary anywhere between 50 EUR per double per night and … well, open end.

If you decide not to book any room in advance, here’s some advice:

  • looking for a room before 9 am or during “siesta time” (some hours before and after noon) is not a good idea
  • it is quite common to have a look at a room before you book it, don’t hesitate to ask
  • large apartments and studios may even be cheaper than a regular hotel room, you’ll probably not be eating in your hotel anyway
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