2019 – The Org Team

In alphabetical order:

Nikos Kampitakis

Nikos Kabitakis

Nikos is a resourceful and creative multi-entrepreneur with software dev foundations. Data-and-value-driven, he is able to find the core qualities of each project feature, quantify the business value and visualise the optimal next steps. He is considered an organisational geek with a twist for pragmatic applications and he always tries to find ways to advance his team and make the latest agile developments work better for them. Passionate sailor and founder of the largest dev community in Crete.

yorgos saslis

Yorgos Saslis

Yorgos is an OSS enthusiast and software craftsman, with a background in concurrency and distributed systems in the telecoms domain. He cares about improving the problem-solving process - not just solving the problem itself - with an emphasis on automation. He helps teams practice clean code and improve their software delivery processes. As the founder of two meet-ups for developers in his home town and the AgileCrete open space unconference on the (paradise) island of Crete, he clearly believes deeply in the power of community, whether offline or online. He is also on the Org team for the exclusive JCrete Java unconference. His day job finds him automating stuff at Red Hat, the world's open source leader.

Ioannis Sermetziadis

Ioannis is a software engineer having a strong interest in programming languages, software design, architecture and delivery. He is an Open-Source software enthusiast and has contributed to Apache Foundation and Red Hat projects. Currently, he works as a Back-End engineer in an agile team for Numbrs mobile banking, where he advocates for using agile methodologies and embracing the Open-Source culture.

Marinos Tsagkarakis

Marinos Tsagkarakis

Marinos, as a kid, was dreaming to become a fine artist. Finally, he decided to use his creativity and inspiration for building meaningful products and executing complex projects, which have a real impact on people’s lives. For many years he was working as a Project Manager using waterfall models. After realising how boring that was, he decided to become a passionate Product Owner. Today, he is part of the awesome Product Team of SendCloud, the fastest growing Tech company in the Netherlands. He strongly believes that a happy Team is a productive Team, and that growing and improving yourself alongside with your business family is a unique feeling...

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