Frequently Asked Questions

The website states that the AgileCrete meets Socrates event runs from the 9th to 12th of June. Is it all 4 days?

AgileCrete runs from the evening of June 9th to early afternoon of June 12th. Accommodation packages feature check-in on the 9th and check-out on the 12th.

I am planning to attend with a fellow AgileCretan. How do we book our stay together at OAC(Orthodox Academy of Crete)?

Both participants need to register via the website and select one of the two participant options that feature sharing a double room.

I am planning to attend with an accompanying person. How do we book our stay at OAC?

The participant needs to register as such by selecting one of the 2 options that feature the conference option and sharing a double room.

The accompanying person needs to also register via the same page by selecting one of the two designated options.

I am planning to attend with my family. How do we book our stay at OAC?

If your partner is not a participant then they must register as an accompanying person as explained above. Conversely if they are a participant then they must register as one.

If your are traveling with children please note that children under 6 years of age are not required to register (and they don’t have to pay!). But please do let us know by email so that we can arrange one of the bigger rooms for you and your family.

Children between ages 6 and 12 will have to register but pay a discounted price 50%. Individuals older than 12 pay the full price.

I have registered via the website. How do I pay?

OAC this year, due to staff shortage, have kindly requested for all participants to complete their payments via Bank transfer, one week in advance of the (un)conference.

Please make sure to only add the following text as comments for the transaction:

[your name] AGILECRETE

The IBAN and Bank Account info:

Account holderOrthodox Academy of Crete
Bank name:Cooperative Bank of Chania (Kolympari branch)
ACCOUNT No:113505004
IBAN CODE:GR20 0690 0080 0000 0011 3505 004

Note: All bank charges are at the sender’s expense.

I decided I will not attend AgileCrete / SoCraTes Crete. Can I get a refund?

Regrettably, no. The OAC – who is responsible for running the event and accepting payments, etc. – cannot offer refunds.

I completed the payment via bank transfer to OAC (the venue) bank account. Will I receive an invoice? When?

Yes! After your payment is received and processed by the OAC they will issue a special kind of invoice. In Greek this is called “Γραμμάτιο Είσπραξης” and in English: “Notice of Receipt”. This is so because OAC is a non profit institution.

This invoice will clearly state your name and the fact you are participating to AgileCrete. If this would not suffice for your company’s accounting requirements, OAC can additionally include your company’s name and VAT identification number. Please send these to [email protected] well in advance so that OAC can include them in your Notice of Receipt

Please note that past experience -OAC has been organizing conferences for years- has shown that this should be sufficient for your needs.

You can collect this invoice during your stay at the OAC.

Below you will find a sample of what this Notice of Receipt looks like:

When should I check in / check out?

Early check-in on the 9th of June is possible. If you would like to check in even before the 9th please send us an email.

Unfortunately check-out this year is not as flexible and all participants must check-out by 9:00AM local time at latest on the 12th of June.

I am flying to HER airport. How do I get to OAC in Kolympari?

There is no official airport transfer planned, so participants have to make their own way from the airport to the venue.

Traditionally, though, our participants are great at self-organization, so car-sharing (whether rental, or taxi) has been pretty typical in previous years. We expect something similar will also happen this year, but it is also hard to predict due to COVID concerns. As a start, we would recommend joining the AgileCrete slack group ( where you can find a #carsharing channel.

I am flying to CHA airport. How do I get to OAC in Kolympari?

See above.

Are there any special CoViD19 measures in place for the (un)conference?

Please check our CoVid19 Policy page.

I am traveling with kids. Is the accommodation at OAC suitable for us?

Our goal for AgileCrete is to be a family-friendly event. This means that rooms that feature 3 beds or are spacier will be first reserved for families with young children. Please let us know if you are planning to bring your family along so we can arrange one of these rooms for you.

The rooms are a little “spartan”, so if you are planning for an “all-inclusive” type of holiday it might be best to book accommodation elsewhere. Having said that, the venue’s location is fantastic. There is a small beach right across the road, there is ample space on the venue without cars, etc. and most of our participants have found it most convenient when staying together with their families at the OAC.

I am traveling with (little) kids. Is a cot offered by OAC or should we bring our own?

A cot is not offered by OAC so you must bring your own, should you require one.

Are kitchen amenities offered at OAC?

There is a kitchen located in Building A, but kitchenware like kettles or pots are not offered so you should bring your own, should you require any.

Is it possible for 3 people to share a room?

While there are some rooms with 2 beds and a sofa bed or 3 beds, they are very very few and they will be reserved for families with young children. AgileCrete is a family-friendly event, and with Crete being  such a popular tourist destination many participants bring their families along. Please let us know if you are planning to bring your family along in advance so we can arrange one of these rooms for you.