#AgileCrete 2015

  • The Palace of Knossos is just 15 mins away from our venue. Or 4000 years...
  • Bring your loved ones - from stranger to friend in half a second! 🙂
  • Wine tasting at a local estate (may result in blurred view...)
  • The evening before: All ready and set up for #AgileCrete 2015 by the pool side
  • Yorgos, Frank, Ignasi and Anna becoming even more agile @AgileCrete 2015
  • Taverna Portego, Mokhos - great evening @AgileCrete 2015!
  • Collecting topics and burning questions @AgileCrete 2015
  • "Park" - #AgileCrete 2015 central room by the pool side
  • Anna is negotiating at the marketplace
  • Open Space sweetness - the market of questions @AgileCrete 2015
  • Discussing the agile mindset @AgileCrete 2015
  • We have come to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Already from 1800 BC.

#AgileCrete 2015 took place from July 16th – 18th, at the Galaxy Hotel 5★ Iraklio.

The souvenirs that are online: