AgileCrete Meets SoCraTes


AgileCrete has always been an Open Space Unconference where coaches and developers have gathered to exchange and challenge ideas about agile software development (lowercase “a”). It has been running in Crete since 2014, and in this time, we have discussed, argued and contested many many topics that touch on software development, product management, methodologies, psychology, systems thinking, philosophy and many many more.

SoCraTes, i.e. the “Software Craft and Testing (un)conference” started in Germany, back in 2011. Since then, many partner unconferences have sprung up, throughout the world, spreading the Software Crafting ideas and practices.

In many ways, AgileCrete has been very similar to a SoCraTes unconference already. In 2018, we want to explore what happens when SoCraTes Crete would run intertwined with AgileCrete. We think it is going to be spectacular!



Our goal is to help bridge the gap between product folks and devs. In our opinion, this is something that should already be happening in the workplace, BUT… the pressure of “getting it done” and “moving on” seldom allows these people, even when they are colleagues, to take the time to try to fully understand one another. When there is an agenda, or a backlog, or deadlines, this seems like a luxury.

Our focus is to provide a space where this fusion can happen more naturally. Simply by bringing both sides together, and allowing them to run their own open space sessions of interest. In parallel.



A single marketplace. A single Open Space. A single blend, from SoCraTes Crete + AgileCrete.

Self-organized open space sessions.

Cretan sun, sea, sand and delicious fresh foods.



Software Developers.

Product folks.

Agile coaches / scrum masters.



Morning sessions.

Lunch break.

Afternoon sessions.

CRETAN dinner (!)

(more details on schedule soon)