Before, during and after each #AgileCrete event

  • Get into contact with each other.
  • Talk about plans, flights, accommodation, as well as, Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • Find out who wants to share a car.
  • Ask questions you’d like to see answered, for the benefit of all.
  • Suggest stuff to be added to this web site.
  • Give public feedback to the organizers team.

The best way to do it:

Join the #AgileCrete Slack Channel
– you don’t need to be an attendee (yet)

Slack requires invitations to be sent individually, so we’ll have to manually send you an invite. You can use the form below, or if you prefer, your own mail client.

Or follow us on Twitter: @AgileCrete


If you absolutely, positively, without any question need to send a private message to the organizers

Have a look at the organizers team page.