Unconference Excursions

You might ask:

“Wait… why do you have a page about excursions on a conference website?”

Well, simply put, we believe:

  • It would be a shame to do everything inside a session room, all day –  especially when you’re in a place as special as Crete!
  • An un-conference like AgileCrete will be productive when we can open up spaces for collaboration that feel safe, inspiring and welcoming. And hold them like that!
    Excursions unite the participants, help them connect to each other and to many agile topics quickly, and increase productivity – by reducing formality!
  • Who says you can’t have focussed discussions, take notes, harvest results to be shared with others, in a session that takes place under the open sky?
  • You should give yourself a chance to experience the unique flow, the ways Crete will make you feel focused and relaxed at the same time!

Remember: you’ve got the sun waiting outside, the fresh air coming from the sea, and the clean, deep blue waters to swim in. On top of that, you’ve got a delicious cuisine waiting for you at the end of your day!

You can find detailed information about a typical day at #AgileCrete here.

Monday @AgileCrete 2014: We were descending to Seitan Limani (“Devil’s Port”) for an afternoon excursion session…

If you’re not yet convinced, this is probably not the Open Space unconference for you!

That’s ok. Maybe you’ll join us next time? We’d be happy to meet you!

Everything on a Map (mapping work in progress)

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