Can my family / significant other attend?

When it comes to attending the unconference sessions in the mornings, please note that you can bring your kids for free, but your significant other would have to buy a ticket.

We do dinners, excursions and events Greek-style. We order food plates to share among everybody, attend excursions or events, and we share the bill among every registered participant who comes, equal parts (if there is a bill, given the sponsorships).

Since we’ve decided to keep #AgileCrete the family-friendly event it’s always been, significant others and kids of participants may join us at dinners, excursions and events for free. Yes, this means that the community of registered participants is inviting them, and will collectively treat them as their guests.

Should you be facing difficult times, finance-wise, please don’t just stay home. Rather, confidentially talk to a member of the org team and we’ll find a solution.