Want to be a speaker?

We’re happy you’re interested in joining us on Crete.

You can. And you don’t even have to apply! Just read on.

Yes, you can become popular as an expert at #AgileCrete

Just not in front of a projector screen.

Here is a socially accepted flow how you can market and brand yourself, in a totally refreshing way, at #AgileCrete:

  1. If you’re not already familiar with the basics of open space unconferences, read a little about them. Please. Do.
  2. Once you arrive at our venue, notice the questions people have. It’s easy, they’ll let everybody know, on the marketplace of sessions, right at the beginning, every morning.
  3. Once you notice interesting questions and feel like contributing, attend the respective sessions.
  4. Get comfortable with the situation by listening to understand.
  5. Show off your expertise by finetuning your contributions to the actual questions that get asked.
  6. Show off your social skills by balancing what you tell with what you ask, roughly 50 : 50.
  7. There’s a place for presentations of branded content from blog posts, articles or books – #AgileCrete just isn’t that place.
  8. Exchange business cards with whomever you want. No problem.
  9. Probably we’d frown upon unsolicited dropping of stacks of flyers everywhere, because, you know, our sponsors pay for that right and we value fairness slightly over guerilla marketing.