• Bus stop and ticket booth at Plateia 1866, at the center of Chania. Buy your tickets at the booth, it's easier and cheaper.
  • Breakout space at Hotel Panorama
    A session breakout space at #AgileCrete 2014. Almost as nice as your office at home, isn't it?
  • Everything's ready to start - the dawn of the first morning...
  • Burning question
  • Feedback: I'd love to participate in this session!
  • Monday: We're descending to Seitan Limani ("Devil's Port") for an afternoon excursion session.
  • James (Australian living in Sweden) and Giorgos (Greek) opening a session on developer mindsets
  • Session harvests, too... ;-)
  • Vangelis getting to DONE
  • 30° Celsius / 86° Fahrenheit
  • Discussing by the pool: How do we report to management and customers?
  • Freshly squeezed from oranges from Chania - imagine the taste...
  • Nikos "Crocodile" and James "Sylvester" drawing the line between Agile - Scrum - Kanban
  • Conflicting desires

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